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Customer Testimonials and Results
We believe in the benefits and ease-of-use of the EZ-Plate System, but don't just take our word for it; read below to see what our customers have to say in their own words!


Troy Pirez

~ Troy Pirez
6.50 Index Champion

Larry Heseman

~ Larry Heseman
E/Gas Winner Saturday 8/9/2014,
E/Gas Runner-up Sunday 8/10/2014
Sonoma Raceway, CA

John Murphy

~ John Murphy
Winner 8.60 B/Gas
Sonoma Raceway, CA

Don Edmonds

"Thanks for all of your help."

~ Don Edmonds
Franklin, OH

Ron Gusack

"I love everything about your product."

~ Ron Gusack
6.50 Index Winner
Capitol Raceway, MD

Ray Tumbry

"Thanks EZ-Plate, the system works killer!"

~ Ray Tumbry
9.90 Index Winner

Jack Nilson

"EZ-Plates put me into 1st place again. Thanks!"

~ Jack Nilson

Lynn Henson

Lynn Henson wins the 6.00 Index class with the EZ-Plate System.

Bill Wittenauer Jr.

"The last two races have been a win and runner up in the 7.50 index class. The win was at US 60 Dragway Outlaw race on 05/24. The runner up was at the Ohio Valley Prize Fight on 05/31. The air at both races changed close to 2000 feet from qualifying to the finals. EZ-Plates just plain kick butt!"

~ Bill Wittenauer Jr.
Winner 7.50 index
US 60 Dragway, Kentucky

Les Tobery

"My win was the final race down the track as 75-80 is closing. The plates made this possible."

~ Les Tobery
6.50 Index Winner

Bill Wittenauer Jr.

Bill Wittenauer Jr. wins the 7.50 Index class with the EZ-Plate System.

Allen Mullins wins the 6.50 Outlaw class with the EZ-Plate System.

Shane Moses

"For the first time in Bounty Race history, I was the first driver to win both index classes (6.00 and 7.00) in the SAME car in the SAME night. Thanks to Brett and EZ-Plate Systems for slowing the car down and making it consistent! Thanks for all you do for TCOB Racing Team. 7 finals this year: 6 wins and 1 runner up! Thanks!"

~ Shane Moses

Lee Hirschfield

"I won the points championship in the 10.00 Index class this season. Eight races, #1 qualifier five times, #2 twice, #3 once. Last race of the year went 10.0010. Thanks again for a great product!"

~ Lee Hirschfield

Craig Buscio

Craig Buscio won at Atco the very first time he raced with the EZ-Plate System.

"Thanks for a great product and customer support. The EZ-Plate works great!"

~ Craig Buscio
Bayville, NJ

Jack Nilson

Jack Nilson wins D/Gas at Sonoma Raceway on July 4, 2012. Jack was also the number 1 qualifier.

"The EZ-Plate system helped me win the West Coast Pro Gas Association D/Gas championship in 2011."

~ Jack Nilson

Dan Ficher

"Brett, Your system works! I made it to the finals at all four races at Sacramento Raceway for West Coast Pro Gas Association this season. I am the 2012 D/Gas winner of the Governors Cup Race. Thank You!"

~ Dan Ficher

Steve Galileo

Steve Galileo, C/Gas 9.60 winner at Sonoma Raceway 2012.

Chris Turner

"Brett, I would like to thank you for getting me several wins and making me mean green consistent and deadly. When team TCOB pulls in the gate, they know they've got their hands full. Thanks."

~ Chris Turner

Jeff Moses

"I would like to say thanks Brett for the results that we have had with the EZ-Plate this year. My brother Shane and I have had great success in every race this year.We both have several wins and runner ups this year, and even a Ironman win."

~ Jeff Moses
Tellico Plains, TN

Christian Benedict

"Thanks to the EZ-Plate system we were able to slow our car down from 9.30's to run a 10.0 Index Class. The EZ-Plate is extremely easy to use and even on our first race the car was very competitive! Best money we've spent in a long time! Thanks for a great product!"

~ RJ Facchine
Woodbury, N.J.

Christian Benedict

"You can add me to your satisfied customer list! This is the best thing I have bought in 13 years of racing! Awesome product, great service and knowledgable staff! 10.0 is going to be a blast!"

~ Christian Benedict
West Babylon, New York

Greg Haynes

"I love my EZ-Plate System! It's the best money I've ever spent. Runs the number with no problem and is very easy to install. It takes me longer to get the hood off than it does to change the plate. The people at EZ-Plate Systems are very nice with great customer service and super fast shipping!"

~ Greg Haynes
Suffolk, Virginia

Matt Powell

Matt Powell of Sylvester, Georgia uses EZ-Plate Systems for the first time and wins the inaugural 10.0 Index class at the Lucas Oil Division 2 season opener in Bradenton, Florida. Matt was also runner up at the second Division 2 race in Gainesville, Florida, where he was the #1 qualifier with a 10.007 on a 10.0 index.

~ Congratulations Matt!

Brett Olson

"Since developing this product, I have had multiple #1 qualifying positions, runner ups, and wins. I can safely say that the EZ-Plate System has been the key to my success in the various index classes I’ve run."

~ Brett Olson
1967 Firebird
Originator of the EZ-Plate System

Ken Moitoza

"The EZ-Plate system is the best, most consistent, and cheapest way to run an index class on the market today. I was able to runner-up the first weekend that I tried the system in the 10.60 class. Nothing has allowed me to tune my car’s ET to exactly what I want from weekend to weekend like the EZ-Plate system! Thanks EZ-Plate!"

~ Ken Moitoza
1968 Camaro

Melissa Wright

"The EZ-Plate System is awesome! I used it at my first index race where I qualified #1 with a 10.601 in the 10.60 class! I also like being able to run Sportsman and Pro in the same day (12.00 and 10.50). It's so easy to use! Thanks EZ-Plate Systems for an awesome product!"

~ Melissa Wright
1973 Nova

Order your system today before your competition finds out about it! If you'd like your EZ-Plate equipped car to appear on these pages, send us a photo and a brief description of your experience with the EZ-Plate System, and we'll include your information with the growing list of winners!

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