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 EZ-Plate Systems - Quick-change Restrictor Plates for Index Racing
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"Since developing this product, I have had multiple #1 qualifying positions, runner ups, and wins. I can safely say that the EZ-Plate System has been the key to my success in the various index classes I’ve run."

About EZ-Plate Systems
After years of using restrictor plates for slowing our own non-electronics drag cars down to race different categories, we figured there must be a quicker and easier way. We knew of other methods to slow our cars down, such as a stop-bolt under the accelerator pedal and throttle-stops converted for non-electronic use. For us, these methods weren't as reliable or consistent as the restrictor plates, and were also difficult to adjust from round to round to account for changing weather and track conditions. If we were slightly restricted, we never knew how many turns to the bolt were needed to get the E.T. we wanted. If we were greatly restricted, just a slight turn of the bolt could have too much of an effect on our E.T. In other words, when the engine is restricted by a relatively small amount (i.e. the butterflies are more open than closed), a significant number of turns of the bolt would be required to obtain slight power adjustments. On the other hand, when the engine is restricted by a large amount (i.e. the butterflies are more closed than open), slight adjustments to the bolt could result in substantial power adjustments. We quickly realized the adjustments associated with the stop-bolt as well as converted throttle-stop methods were not linear.

So, we needed an easier way to slow the cars down, while still being able to make quick, accurate, and predictable adjustments in E.T. That’s when we developed the EZ-Plate System of easily removable restrictor plates. Through extensive engineering and on-track testing, we developed a restrictor plate method by properly sizing the holes in the restrictor plates to achieve the linear adjustability that was previously unattainable. We developed a system that is quick, easy, reliable, predictable, and linear

We developed, tested, and engineered the EZ-Plate System for our own use in drag racing, and continue to use it today. Covered under U.S. Patent # 8,453,617, we have now made it available to you, our fellow racers, so that you too, can have a better and easier way to go Index, Super, and Open Comp racing. Give us a call, or fill out the Order Form and find out for yourself why the EZ-Plate System is becoming "the best kept secret in drag racing".

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