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 EZ-Plate Systems - Quick-change Restrictor Plates for Index Racing
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Ron McGavic wins using the EZ-Plate System
Dan Ficher wins using the EZ-Plate System
Tom Parry wins using the EZ-Plate System
Ron Gusack wins using the EZ-Plate System
Delon Pleasants wins using the EZ-Plate System
Dan Crisp uses his EZ-Plate System to win twice in one weekend!
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EZ-Plate System restrictor plate Removal and replacement
The secret to index racing is just a few simple steps away!

With the EZ-Plate System installed, adjusting your E.T. is as simple as sliding in a different restrictor plate!

Specifically designed for Index, Open Comp, and Super class drag racing, EZ-Plate Systems under-carb restrictor plate takes the guesswork out of running your index, and enables you to easily set up your race vehicle to run your desired E.T. If you're not running the EZ-Plate System, you're not doing all you can to win!

Quickly Change Restrictor Plates and Adjust Your ETOnce the EZ-Plate System is installed, there's no need to remove the carb to change plates! Swapping to a different size restrictor plate is a 20 to 30 second job you can do even in the staging lanes.

Check the features of this revolutionary update to a proven system, and you'll find that running "dead-on" the index is easy with the patent pending EZ-Plate System!

  • Specifically designed for Index, Open Comp, and Super class drag racing
  • Set your car up to run any index, 1/8 or 1/4 mile - System is legal in all classes
  • Easily run any index slower than your quickest all-out E.T.
  • EZ and proven consistency - plates repeat every pass
  • No need to remove carb once the system is installed - just choose a plate and race!
  • EZ to interchange removable restrictor plates slide in and out from the side in less than 30 seconds!
  • Each plate change equals .015 to .020 E.T. difference for precise adjustments
  • Precision machined for plate-to-plate accuracy and predictable results
  • Superior design and improved mixture flow over butterfly or aperture-style restrictors that have parts directly in the mixture flow path
  • Stainless steel restrictor plate attachment hardware for corrosion-free performance!
  • Make last minute plate changes in the lanes to adjust your E.T. for changing weather, wind, or track conditions
  • Systems available to mount below 4150 or 4500 style carb flange
  • No jetting, timing, or any other tuning changes needed
  • Easily run two different classes with the same car on the same day - just by swapping plates
  • Each kit is custom-sized to your application, and comes with 20 different plates
  • Additional plates available to run any E.T. range
  • Can be used with other items (i.e. additional spacers, nitrous plates, etc.)
  • System can be used with restrictor plate in place, or remove the plate and use the base as an open spacer for all-out performance!

EZ-Plate System $449.00
Complete system includes:
carburetor spacer, retaining cover, nut, and 20 different sized restrictor plates.
Additional plate packages available separately. Call for details.
California residents will be charged sales tax.

Each EZ-Plate System is carefully calibrated based on your race vehicle and desired E.T. range. Call us today at 916-647-9347 for a comprehensive review of your combination, and let EZ-Plate Systems custom tailor the system you need to run the E.T. you want! See the F.A.Q. page for more information.

"The EZ-Plate System is the winningest, most dominant, elapsed time regulating product on the market today for non-electronics Index racing, and is the quickest way to zero in on your desired E.T. It's a better and smarter way to race!"

Made in USA
Covered under U.S.
Patent # 8,453,617

"Through extensive testing and engineering, we developed a restrictor plate method by properly sizing the holes in the restrictor plates to achieve the linear adjustability that was previously unattainable. The EZ-Plate System is quick, easy, reliable, predictable, and linear."

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